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4 Unexpected Things You Can Do In Antigua

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 29, 2018

Antigua and Barbuda are said to have a stretch of coastline for every single day of the year. It goes without saying that you would be right to expect plenty of beautiful beaches and some seriously impressive scenery to feature heavily in your Antiguan sailing getaway itinerary, but here are a few slightly more unusual things you might also choose to experience.

Sailing the Caribbean - See stingray up close

Meet a Stingray

Southern Rays adore attention, so much so that they’re often described as ‘puppies of the ocean’. At Stingray City, you’ll have the opportunity to watch these elegant creatures glide gracefully through warm crystal clear waters and learn more about their character and behaviour before donning a snorkel and taking to the waters with them.

See a Green Flash Sunset from Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights is Antigua’s most famous lookout point. Besides its iconic Sunday night parties and stunning panoramic views over the sea and out to the rugged landscape of Guadeloupe’s Montserrat mountain, it’s also an excellent location to catch a glimpse of a green flash sunset.

In the right conditions, the Earth’s atmosphere causes the sun’s light to separate into different colours and although they only last a second or two, green flash sunsets are utterly mesmerising. Green flash or no green flash though, Antiguan sunsets are always glorious.

Visit An Historic Sugar Plantation

Originally founded in the 1650s when English settlers discovered Antigua’s fertile soils were ideal for growing sugarcane crops, Betty’s Hope now rightly stands as an emotive reminder of the island’s extensive history of slavery. Some of the plantation’s original windmills have been fully restored and excavations have revealed slave quarters and the original rum distillery. You will also have the opportunity to see a selection of the original tools that were used throughout the production process.

Explore the Antiguan Rainforest on your Sailing Getaway

From short expeditions to full canopy tours, Antigua’s dense rainforest is a joy to explore. You’re certain to have the time of your life traversing wooden bridges and whizzing through the trees on a 328ft long zip-line.

Wild trips to the Caribbean - A sailing holiday that lets you see more

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