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6 Things To Do On Italy’s Volcanic Beaches

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 19, 2017

Italy’s volcanic beaches are both luxurious and welcoming, and whether you want to settle in a secluded spot or join in with the activities on some of the more bustling stretches of coastline, each beach has spectacular views and crystal clear waters to enjoy throughout your yacht getaway.

Hanging out on Italian sailing holidays - Find beautiful beaches with unspoilt sand

1. Explore The Secluded Coves Of Isola Filicudi 

You won’t struggle to find a secluded spot in which to spend a few hours lounging in the warm Italian sunshine and getting lost in a really great book on Isola Filicudi. Peppered with secluded coves and sea grottos, this small and perfectly formed island is a true Italian paradise.

2. Relish The Perfect Swimming Conditions On Salina’s Scario Beach

This stretch of pebbled coastline leads to one of Italy’s most beautiful swimming spots, with the calm and crystal-clear waters offering hours of pleasure to keen and casual swimmers alike.

3. Enjoy A Unique Beach-Side Experience On Your Yacht Getaways Trip 

Vulcano’s Fumarole Beach is delightfully peculiar. The waters are heated by sulphuric vapours, which make both swimming and snorkelling exceptionally pleasant experiences.

4. Atmospheric Asino Beach

Easily one of the most atmospheric beaches in the Aeolian Islands, during your time on Vulcano’s Asino Beach you can expect to listen to the soft hissing sounds of the islands’ volcanic terrain alongside the soft lull of gently lapping waves.

5. Bear Witness To The Power Of Stromboli’s Volcanic Terrain 

On Piscita beach you’ll see areas of pebbles and sand separated by ridges created by the lava flows of past volcanic eruptions. Marvel at the beauty and power of Mother Nature as you gaze out over the ocean as the sun sets on another beautiful day in the Italian islands.

6. Kayak The Stunning Coastlines Of Lipari’s Havana Beach

The white sandy beaches of Havana Beach make this stretch of coastline one of the most popular on the Aeolian coast. Head out on to the water to explore in a sea kayak or enjoy a refreshing swim in the ultra-clear turquoise sea, before relaxing on the shimmering white sand accompanied by a cold drink.

A sailing getaway to Italy - Lots on offer for beach lovers


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