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A Brief Guide To The Caribbean’s Most Romantic Locations

By Jenny Wilson
on  August 08, 2018

As the Caribbean is one of the most romantic places on earth, we could keep you here for hours as we detail every single one of the unforgettably special locations you’ll have the opportunity to visit during your yacht getaway, but here are just a few of our favourites.

Couples trips to the Caribbean - Romantic spots to check out

Experience Pure Seclusion on Great Bird Island

With verdant forest land, lush mangroves, and gorgeous coral reefs, you’ll share your time on Great Bird Island with some unforgettably stunning wild and marine life. As day-trippers begin to make their way back to the mainland, you’ll be left to soak in some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular sunsets from the shore of this super-special island in pure serenity.

Live your Desert Island Dream on Green Island

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to spend time on a desert island, privately-owned Green Island located just off the eastern coast on Antigua will provide you with a little glimpse into your desert island dream. As access is only given to mooring yachts, whether you want to enjoy a gentle swim or simply admire your dreamy surroundings, you’ll be able to do so in complete tranquillity.

Admire Half Moon Bay on your Yacht Getaway

Widely regarded as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, Half Moon Bay also provides some of the most incredible snorkelling experiences as well as some seriously unforgettable sunsets. Select your spot on the sand before making your way into the deliciously calm and ultra-clear waters for a romantic afternoon swim. Simply glorious!

Dine Underneath the Stars on Barbuda’s 11 Mile Beach

As one of the most remote areas in the Caribbean, Barbuda really is the epitome of natural, untouched beauty. Exquisite in every single way, however you choose to spend your time on this island paradise is something you will never forget. Enjoying a dinner of fresh hand-caught lobster underneath a blanket of stars is easily one of the most romantic things you could ever experience, with Barbuda’s inimitable atmosphere only adding to an evening of a lifetime.

Visit the Caribbean for a chilled out couple's holiday - Romance is in the air all the time

Grab your significant other and get romantic in the Caribbean on your own Yacht Getaways Antigua holiday!

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