Hidden Gems

A Croatia sailing holiday… so much more to discover

By Jenny Wilson
on  August 06, 2014

Croatia is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists and holidaymakers. But for those in the know, seeing Croatia sailing is the only way to do it. As you travel along the Dalmatian coastline, you will experience sights and views like no other. The imposing and dramatic shorelines and coasts you see from your vantage point on the Adriatic Sea boast urban conurbations and impressive mountains interspersed with palm trees and olive plantations.


You will also find a wonderful mix of the old and new as you travel around Croatia. Taking the Dalmatian route you will encounter the city of Split, the main ferry port of Croatia. Bustling, busy and lively, here is where you can enjoy shopping, eating, drinking and dancing. Your journey will also give you the chance to discover some of the country’s breathtakingly beautiful natural wilderness, which you can explore after just a short walk once you dock your ship. Pretty, picturesque little villages are also dotted along the coastline, where you can see the day-to-day lives of Croatia’s local inhabitants.


There is so much to discover and see in Croatia, and setting sail around its coastline really is the best way to wring every last drop of fun from your holiday.

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