Hidden Gems

A different type of holiday when you go sailing in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 22, 2014

Europe has some amazing and diverse places to visit. From the Mediterranean appeal of Spain and Greece to the Gallic charms of France, holidaymakers have long been visiting the continent for their vacations. But as times have changed, both politically and socially, there is much more scope now to visit so many more places. As a result, places in the former Eastern bloc are becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Croatia is one such country. Steeped in ancient charm, it offers a cornucopia of beautiful beaches, amazing architecture and lively nightlife with bigger, contemporary cities such as Split and Dubrovnik sitting happily amongst smaller, more traditional villages.


Another secret which is rapidly becoming common knowledge is that when you visit Croatia sailing is one of the best ways to see everything the country has to offer. You can charter a boat for your party, hire a skipper to do the navigating and sailing and travel along the beautiful coastline. Stop along the way to explore the rugged terrain, enjoy relaxing on one of the many tucked away beaches, take in some shopping at one of the bigger cities and have a few fabulous nights out while you’re there. So when you think Europe, think all of Europe…

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