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A Few Reasons Why Every History Lover Will Enjoy An Italian Islands Sailing Getaway

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 04, 2018

The Italian islands are steeped in centuries of rich history and although we don’t want to spoil your journey by giving too much away, here are just a small handful of things you can look forward to uncovering and learning more about during your Italian island sailing getaway.

Sailing the islands of Italy - Explore new scenery and historic sights

Soak in Salina’s Supremely Rich and Layered History

Salina, the Aeolian Island’s second largest island, has been home to settlements from the 4th century BC to the present day. The ruins of a Roman villa were recorded in the 18th century; however, they have since been swallowed by Salina’s fertile ground.

Notable sites of historical significance that can still be seen today include the Roman tombs on the slopes of the Fossa, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Terzito, which dates back to the 1630s. Salina’s religious centre attracts pilgrims to the island every July and has a breathtakingly affecting atmosphere that envelops every visitor as soon as they step inside.

Fall in Love with Mesmerising Lipari on your Sailing Getaway

As the largest and most populous Aeolian Island, Lipari unsurprisingly has a rich history just waiting to be uncovered by every visitor to its shores. In the 6th century BC the ancient Greeks arrived and established settlements within which they lived and prospered for several centuries.

In 36BC Lipari was used as a strategic naval base in the Battle of Naulochus, which saw Agrippa defeat Sextus Pompeius. Lipari then became a destination for wealthy Romans looking for some rest and relaxation in stunning surroundings. Stroll the charming streets of Lipari Town; follow ancient trails to a series of stunning vantage points over the island and the ocean; learn more about the island’s history in the archaeological museum; and soak in the spectacular architecture of the castle, Cathedral, and atmospheric ancient ruins.

Your Italian yacht getaway will take you to the shores of several more stunning Aeolian islands, all of which have similarly rich histories and secrets we are certain you will enjoy exploring and uncovering.

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Dive into the fascinating history of the Aeolian and book your Yacht Getaways Italy holiday today!

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