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A sailing holiday is great for all – and that’s a fact

By Jenny Wilson
on  August 11, 2014

Are you still undecided about whether a sailing holiday would be right for you? Well, the following facts could make you a hit at your next pub quiz and will help you to realise that a sailing trip can be a winner, whatever you do in your day-to-day life.

One for the girls

Sailing holidays can be all about relaxation but some people prefer a real challenge when they take to the sea. Spare a thought for the girls as young as 16-years-old who have managed to sail around the world on their own. Both Australia’s Jessica Watson and Holland’s Laura Dekker have successfully completed the voyage, whilst Californian teen Abby Sunderland started out but had to be rescued after losing her mast in the Indian Ocean.


Longest winning streak in sport

It is widely believed that the 100 Guinea Cup was renamed the America’s Cup because New York Yacht Club held onto the trophy for an incredible 132 years between 1851 and 1983. Actually, the cup was renamed after the club’s boat, America, which won an exhibition race which set off from the Royal Yacht Squadron and circled the Isle of Wight. In 1983, the cup was won by Australia, but US boats have succeeded a further five times, and New Zealand and Switzerland have both won twice.


Speed on the sea

In November 2012, a fast sailing speed record was set at 65.45 knots. This is more than 75-miles-an-hour, faster than the speed limit on a British motorway. Australia’s Paul Larsen was the record breaker in the waters off Namibia in his uniquely-designed Sailrocket 2.

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