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A sweet treat on your Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 23, 2016

One of the foods most commonly associated with Turkey is Turkish delight. This sweetmeat is a world away from the overly-scented and chocolate-covered confectionery you may have previously tasted and Turkey sailing holidays are the perfect time to try this regional delicacy.

Sailing in Turkey - Eating and drinking

Turkish delight, or lokum, has been around since the late 1700s. It was allegedly created at the court of a sultan who, growing tired of cracking his teeth on the usual boiled sweets, wanted something with a softer texture. His confectioner Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir developed a recipe for a sweet treat that combined sugar, cornflour, water and cream of tartar, and flavoured the mixture with the Turkish favourite rosewater. Once the mixture had set like a jelly, he cut it into cubes and rolled it in icing sugar. It was an instant success with the sultan, who gave it the name rahat lokum, which literally translates as ‘comfortable morsel’.

Lokum’s popularity quickly spread and it was soon not only a firm favourite with visitors to the court but also with local wealthy Turks who wanted to serve it to their guests. Even today it is usually served after food with tea of coffee as a delightful way to finish a meal.

The most popular flavour is still rosewater and the mixture is sometimes coloured a more enticing shade of pink; however, visit any local food market and you will find a plethora of varieties available. Other ingredients commonly used include orange water, lemon, pistachio nuts and almonds, whilst some varieties are also covered in chocolate. This sweet is unlike any mass-produced version you may have tried, so be sure to visit your local lokum shop to try this enticing treat.

Eating and drinking in Turkey - Sampling local delights

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