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Admire The Architectural Splendour Of Korcula With Boat Hire In Croatia

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  January 22, 2017

The Old Town on the island of Korcula is one of the prettiest you will see with boat hire in Croatia. The mediaeval walled city is often compared to its larger neighbour on the mainland, Dubrovnik. Korcula has just as much charm and its architecture is sure to be a highlight of your Croatia trip.

Visitng Croatia with boat hire - See the special side of towns and cities

The layout may seem unusual but it was carefully planned to help protect the town from winds coming in from the sea; in addition, building small streets branching out from a large central spine, like fish bones, keeps streets sheltered from too much sun, making them comfortable for residents.

Like many towns in Croatia, Korcula’s buildings have a distinctly Venetian flair. Walking among the quaint stepped streets before stopping to enjoy a refreshing drink and the lovely sea views is an ideal way to really soak up the atmosphere of this charming town. Many of the restaurants can be found near the main square, where there are plenty more lovely buildings adorned with elaborate arches and balconies. Be sure to visit the splendid Gothic- and Renaissance-style Cathedral Svelte Marko. The stonework is exemplary, featuring ornate columns, reliefs, statuary, and a truly magnificent cupola crafted by famous stonemason Marko Andijic.

When visiting Croatia, this pretty town is guaranteed to be a trip highlight.

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