Hidden Gems

An adventure awaits when you go Greece sailing!

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 23, 2014

Going on holiday with friends? So where do you usually go? Somewhere hot, somewhere lively, somewhere relaxing, somewhere adventurous? The reality when you go away with a group of people is that everyone has their own idea as to what constitutes a really good holiday. And you can end up making compromises that not everyone is happy with.


But a holiday which ticks most of the boxes for most people is a sailing holiday. Make Greece your destination and suddenly you have a very happy group of holidaymakers. Touring Greece sailing is brilliant fun – you have your very own floating hotel – and you can do as much or as little as you please. Island hop, sightsee and absorb the culture, or relax, shop and amble around. Or you may want to just spend a few lazy days on and around the boat, soaking up the sun on the deck, swimming in the beautiful Mediterranean or snorkelling and scuba diving to see the marine life.


Greece is famously welcoming to visitors, and you will find an array of tavernas and bars wherever you go. Enjoy some delicious meals, sample the local drinks and find out some great places to visit from the locals. Whatever?s on your wish list, you will find it in Greece…

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