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Antigua’s Most Romantic Locations

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 31, 2017

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are often referred to as the most romantic in the whole of the Caribbean, and we must confess, we wholeheartedly agree. The region has even scooped a prestigious travel award three years in a row – and if that information isn’t quite convincing enough, here are a few of our favourite romantic spots that you can expect to enjoy during your sailing getaway of a lifetime.

Romance on the high seas - Sailing to Aruba with your loved one

Explore the Picturesque Beauty of Great Bird Island

Honestly, we don’t think it’s possible to find a more picturesque location than Great Bird Island. It has a fantastical beauty — a place that doesn’t seem real because it’s just too perfect. Leisurely explore lush mangroves and spectacular coral reefs. In the evening, catch the sunset as it paints rich pink and orange hues across the sky as you sip on a refreshing cocktail. Pure bliss.

Swim in the Tranquil Waters Around Green Island

This privately-owned island is a spectacularly romantic retreat that we’re certain you’ll instantly fall head over heels for. Green Island’s bay is tranquil and relaxing, the perfect location for a morning swim in pure paradise. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to snorkel with stingrays, which many visitors find to be a profound experience because they are such gentle creatures.

Soak in the Spectacular Views Around Half-Moon Bay

Arguably home to one of the Caribbean’s most perfect beaches, Half-Moon Bay is the ultimate ocean-side retreat. You won’t struggle to find a stretch of sand to relax on. Take a dip and go for a calming snorkel to explore a little of what life is like beneath the waves in this beautiful and highly esteemed part of Antigua.

Enjoy Date Night in Deep Bay on your Sailing Getaway

The perfect location to lounge on board your yacht as the sun sets with a cooling cocktail in hand as you gaze out across the calm waters. No Caribbean retreat is complete without an evening spent underneath the stars, and there’s no better backdrop to this dreamy date-night than Deep Bay.

See starry skies at sea - Drop anchor at Caribbean hot spots

See Antigua’s romantic locations with your significant other this summer on a Yacht Getaways Caribbean holiday.  

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