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Beautiful Baklava With Yacht Rental In Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 18, 2017

Turkish cuisine is among the most varied in the world, drawing influences from Greece, Syria, Lebanon and a myriad of other countries. During your yacht rental trip along the Turquoise Coast you are sure to sample many delicious regional delights, from the freshest seafood to delectable vegetarian dishes. But when it comes to desserts, Turkey has one classic that will appear on just about every menu.

Indulge in Turkey's cullinary delights - Check out local desserts

Baklava can in fact be found in various incarnations in many countries, including Greece, Armenia and Iran. Whilst the ingredients and presentation may differ slightly, at its core baklava is a dessert made of sheets of thin pastry layered with nuts and covered with sticky sweet syrup. Whilst there are versions dating back as far as two thousand years, baklava as we know it is likely to have been developed in the imperial kitchens of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. It would have been a welcome treat after fasting during the period of Ramadan.

Whilst many different nuts can be used, in Turkey the most common choice is pistachios, which feature heavily in Turkish sweets and puddings. These are crushed and layers of the paste are sandwiched between the delicate filo pastry. The sweet syrup is made from a mixture of honey, sugar and lemon juice. Sometimes rose water or orange blossom water is added for an additional fragrant touch. The layered pudding is baked in large trays then cut into portions, usually squares or diamonds. It is extremely sweet but the perfect end to a meal, served with a small cup of strong Turkish coffee. Make sure to try some on your travels!

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