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Being the best guest on Turkey sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 22, 2016

The Turks are renowned for their hospitality and you may be lucky enough to enjoy being invited over to someone’s home for a meal while on Turkey sailing holidays. This is sure to be an experience to remember and here are some handy hints to ensure you make the most of it.

Visiting Turkey - Advice for your sailing holiday
Go hungry

Even if you are only going round for a snack, there is likely to be plenty of food on offer; therefore, make sure you leave plenty of room to enjoy all the delicious treats. This is even more important if you have been invited for dinner, which is likely to include several courses. Turkish people love to make sure all their guests are well fed and will not take ‘no’ for an answer, so don’t fill up beforehand!

Take a gift

As with many cultures, it is polite to take a gift for the host or hostess; however, this is not expected. If you take a wrapped present, this may well be put aside to be opened after you have left. This is absolutely in no way a slight on your gift-giving; instead, it is simply that your hosts are keen to get on with entertaining you and will appreciate your present later. For religious reasons, some Turks choose not to drink alcohol. If you are unsure whether wine would be well-received, stick to gifts such as lokum (the local name for Turkish delight), candied nuts or flowers.

Turkish customs

Not all of these apply to every household; however, it is worth bearing them in mind to ensure you don’t inadvertently cause any offence. You may well be asked to remove your shoes on entering the home, with some hosts offering special house slippers to their guests. Much Turkish food is served with a spoon and fork, so do not be surprised if you are not given a knife; however, your host is unlikely to be upset if you request one.

Turks are incredibly sociable and love to make their guests feel welcome. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Turkish home for a meal, ensure you make the most of the fabulous experience.
Turkey cuisine - Eat and drink local dishes

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