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Boost Your Spending Power During a Turkey Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 12, 2015

A Turkey sailing trip may not just be good for your mind and body; it could also boost your budget, according to new figures showing the effects of a worldwide strengthening of the British pound.
Sailing in Turkey - boost spending power
New statistics have shown that the British pound’s spending power has strengthened significantly compared to the Turkish lira, meaning that you will now be able to get even more for your money if you decide to embark on a sailing holiday in Turkey.

This reflects not only an overall positive period for the pound across the globe, but also Turkey’s position as the ideal choice for British holidaymakers who enjoy knowing that their money is being well spent.

The latest Post Office-compiled figures reveal that the pound has increased in strength by 16.1 per cent in Turkey since 2014, putting the country near the top of the countries where Brits can make the most of their money during 2015.

Russia has seen one of the biggest rises over the last two years, whilst the pound has risen by 11.7 per cent against the Bulgarian lev and by 11.5 per cent in the Czech Republic, but few countries can compare with the great location, good value and memory-making experiences that Turkey can provide.

Budget may not the primary concern when booking a Turkey sailing trip. You may place more value on simply visiting a country with some of the best historic sights, culture, food, and coastline in the world, but it is always nice to know that you’re getting a bargain as well as enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

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