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Choosing Yacht Rentals for Exploring Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 09, 2015

There are countless reasons you might want to explore yacht rentals as a way to experience the exotic splendour of Turkey. There are a number of things to consider before choosing this method of seeing the Turkish coast, and a number of reasons you might want to do so.

Yacht Rental Options

When renting a yacht for a Turkish sailing holiday, you have two main options. We can supply either Premier yachts, which were launched between 2005 and 2010, or our Premier Plus yachts, which were launched more recently since 2011. The yachts are all luxurious, modern and stylish, but both types offer amazing comfort and a great mobile base from which to explore Turkey. Both types are available with three, four or five cabins.

The Destination

Turkey is famous for sitting astride the border between Europe and Asia, combining cultural influences from both sides of the border. It also boasts an absolutely wonderful coastline with fantastic beaches and many bustling towns to explore. This is why yacht rentals are such an amazing way to explore the country. They centre around the scenic coast, and allow you to travel comfortably between the many wonderful destinations on offer. In a single unforgettable trip you can explore the historical sites to be found in places such as Kalkan and Tomb Bay, the beautiful natural scenery of Coldwater Bay and Karacaoren and the bustling joy of Fethiye.

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