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Croatia sailing – a new adventure at your favourite destination

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 15, 2014

Some places just need to be visited over and over again. One visit simply isn’t enough to absorb everything that’s there, everything that’s on offer. And when it comes to destinations which draw holidaymakers back year after year, Croatia is near the top of many people’s list.


Croatia is a country beset by misunderstandings. Some may say it’s a grim, austere part of the Eastern bloc, with nothing much to offer tourists and sightseers. But those in the know are aware that it actually boasts beautiful scenery, thriving nightlife, friendly locals and plenty to see and do. Even if you’ve been to Croatia many times, there is one way of seeing it which will give you a fresh perspective on this ancient country – and that’s to go Croatia sailing. While a sailing holiday may not be something you’ve ever tried before, if you’ve been to Croatia you will understand how spectacular your holiday will be as you travel around its coast.


Stopping at big cities such as Dubrovnik and Split, you can enjoy the architecture, shopping and contemporary culture of Croatia. Your sailing trip will also take in some stunning beaches – often tucked away from the more mainstream destinations for holidaymakers – such as inlets and coves. You can explore some (or all) of the country’s eight National Parks, and mix up gentle relaxation with adventure and excitement.  Visiting the same destination time after time can sometimes feel a little stale. Set sail around Croatia, however, and your holiday will be anything but…

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