Hidden Gems

Discover hidden depths when you go Turkey sailing

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 26, 2014

Shimmering crystal clear waters, beautiful blue skies and glorious golden sunshine. Everything you expect from a holiday in Turkey. Except this time instead of lying on the beach looking at the sea, you’re actually on the water, exploring Turkey sailing. And as you sail around this magnificent country, it is the perfect opportunity to explore not just the surface of the sea but what lies beneath. A cornucopia of marine life is waiting in the depths, from exotic fish and coral to sea creatures such as octopus and squid.


Grab a snorkel and a mask, and enjoy a gentle afternoon swimming and observing the beauty which lies underneath the waves. For the more adventurous, there are many scuba diving centres across Turkey, and you can enjoy learning to dive and swimming among the marine life. Sailing is a great way to explore Turkey, and you can travel around the coast, stopping off at points of interest. Many people choose to incorporate snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving into their sailing holiday. But be warned – you could quickly become addicted, both to sailing on the calm blue waters and to discovering the hidden depths beneath.

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