Hidden Gems

Discover the Dodecanese on your Greece sailing adventure…

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 10, 2014

Many people have been to Greece. In fact, many people have been to Greece lots of times. But this fascinating country has so much to offer and so many islands to explore that when it comes to Greece sailing is often the best way to see more and do more.

The Dodecanese is a group of six islands varying in size, and you can visit them all in about a week, taking in a new destination each day. Rhodes is the largest, with a great range of things to see and do. From the fortressed walls of Rhodes town, offering shopping and sights to Faliraki for those looking for nightlife, it’s full of places to explore. Symi, on the other hand, is tiny and covered mostly in rocks. It boasts plenty of local tavernas and beautiful views and it’s the perfect place to see Greek life as the locals live.

Nissyros is one of the lesser known islands – it is volcanic but not active! It is particularly known for its non alcoholic drink called Soumada, which is almond flavoured and worth a try when you visit. Kos is the fourth island. It is exotic and full of Middle Eastern charm as it sits at the mouth of the Turkish Gulf of Kerme. Tilos is the next stop on your journey. Beautiful and peaceful, it also boasts a large number of tavernas.  The last of the islands is Chalki, which is filled with traditional Greek culture, food, life and nightlife.

Touring around these islands you will benefit from seeing all sides of Greece, from the most ancient to the most modern, all wrapped up in the excitement of a sailing holiday.


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