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Discover the idyllic Skopea Limani bays with luxury yacht rental in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 12, 2016

There are many stunning places to moor when you cruise the stunning Turkish Turquoise Coast in a luxury yacht rental; however, few can be as enchanting as the Skopea Limani bays. This collection of coves just west of Fethiye is located in a sheltered gulf, guaranteeing the very best weather and beautiful waters.

Sailing Turkish seas - Visit quiet coves

Kapi Creek is among the most popular, providing not only safe anchorage but also a variety of things to do. The stunning pine-clad landscape is perfect for exploring on foot and you can enjoy spectacular some spectacular views by climbing to the top of the hill. Indulge in some delicious seafood at the bay’s restaurant or find a secluded spot to simply relax. Those interested in history will want to see the Byzantine ruins located in the inlet.

Tomb Bay, a little further along the coast, continues the historical theme and is named after the collection of ancient Lycian tombs here. These are cut directly into the side of the cliffs and provide a fascinating insight into the culture of the previous inhabitants of this region.

Coldwater Bay, as its name suggests, is populated with cold springs, making it the perfect spot for a rejuvenating dip. It is also the nearest bay to the abandoned village of Kayakoy, which provides a thought-provoking and memorable excursion.

There are several other coves to visit in this part of Turkey, including the popular Sarsala and 22 Fathom Coves. You could even take a trip to the stunning Wall Bay, one of Skopea Limani’s true gems, from where you can view the uniquely beautiful Ruin Bay with its collection of tumbledown buildings that extend all the way out to the sea.

With plenty of secluded coves and gorgeous sights to admire, the Skopea Limani bays are the perfect secret getaway.

Visiting Turkey - See the natural sights

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