Hidden Gems

Discovering glittering Greece sailing its shores…

By Jenny Wilson
on  August 08, 2014

Greece. Home to the Greek gods, birthplace of the Olympics, site of legendary places such as the labyrinth at Knossos. Renowned for its laid back, friendly locals, delicious Mediterranean food and sunny climate. What’s not to love?


People visiting Greece do so for any number of reasons. Many love to explore its ancient landmarks. Others enjoy the beautiful sunshine and golden sands. Some go to Greece for the nightlife, loving the late night dancing and entertainment. Whatever your reasons for visiting the country, try visiting Greece sailing  around its many islands, and you will get so much more out of your holiday.


Crete is home to many legendary sites, including the aforementioned Knossos, and is the largest of the Greek islands. Rhodes was the former home of the Knights of St John, and Rhodes Town is still set amongst the fortress. You?ll also find the resort of Faliraki here, famous for its nightlife. Symi is a tiny island boasting an array of colourful houses as you approach. Kefalonia is a small fishing island, made famous by the book Captain Corelli?s Mandolin. There are so many islands to explore, so many things to see… so when you book your sailing holiday, the only thing to worry about is whether you have enough time to do it all.


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