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Do You Need Sailing Experience for a Sailing Holiday?

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 29, 2014

Sailing holidays are a great way to experience a range of destinations such as Greece, Turkey and Croatia. They allow you to take advantage of the beautiful ocean landscape, and tour a number of coastal destinations within a country in order to get a complete picture of the many experiences on offer. However, many people who haven’t sailed before are unsure whether they will take well to the water or whether their lack of experience makes it an unsuitable choice for a holiday. However, almost anyone can enjoy a sailing holiday whether they are a seasoned sea-goer or a definite landlubber.

Taking to the Ocean
Contrary to what many people fear, you are unlikely to have trouble taking to the experience of being on the ocean. Seasickness is not a real worry. The waters in our chosen destinations tend to be calm and quiet most of the time and cruising the coast is very different from sailing the high seas. You will be staying on a luxurious yacht, so there will be next to no adaptation to “ocean life” needed. You will find your accommodation comfortable and convenient.

Sailing Skills
Sailing holidays are a chance to experience the sea and your chosen destination in a relaxed and easy way. There is no need or expectation to be an experienced sailor capable of handling the boat yourself. After all, you are looking for a holiday rather than hard work. You will be sailing with an experienced skipper who can provide the skill and knowledge. That said, if you want to get involved, you will be able to chip in and learn the interesting and exciting skills that go with sailing.

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