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Don’t let seasickness ruin your trip when sailing in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 29, 2015

A week or two at sea makes for a great holiday, but it is not uncommon to suffer from a touch of seasickness at the start of your break. Try these handy tips so that feeling poorly does not take the shine off your trip when sailing in Turkey.

Turkey sailing tips - Getting your sea legs
There are plenty of different over-the-counter medicines that can minimise the effects of seasickness. If you think that you may be susceptible, it is worth stocking up on some of these before your trip. You may need to try a few before you find the one that is most effective for you. Do remember that one side effect can be drowsiness, so avoid taking this medication with excessive amounts of alcohol. Many of these are also available in reduced dosages so that they are suitable for children, although interestingly under-twos seem to be less affected by motion sickness, as are the elderly.

Pressure bands are another popular option, especially with people who prefer not to take medication. These work through acupressure and contain a small plastic bead that pushes against a pressure point of the inside of the wrist.

Looking out towards the horizon will help your body to find its natural equilibrium. You don’t need to stare at it − just keep it in your line of sight as an occasional reference point. Try to avoid activities such as reading that force your brain and eyes to try to focus on a fixed point and make sure you get as much fresh air as possible. Keep hydrated and try to include peppermint and ginger in your diet, as both of these are natural remedies to combat all kinds of sickness.

Following these simple tips will help to prevent illness interfering with your amazing holiday.

Unforgettable sailing in Turkey - Memories that last a lifetime

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