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Enjoy sailing holidays in Turkey with a trip to lovely Gocek

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 18, 2016

If you feel like visiting one of Turkey’s less touristy spots, there are plenty to be found along the Turquoise Coast. Sailing holidays in Turkey are a great way to explore some of these destinations, with the charming port of Gocek highly recommended.

Sailing Turkey's islands - Natural wonders

Although Gocek is extremely popular with the yachting crowd and boasts five different marinas, it is not your typical busy coastal resort town. The area has national park status and development is strictly controlled, which helps to preserve the striking landscapes in and around this charming town. The port itself is surrounded by 12 small islands, which help to protect the mainland and create a natural safe harbour.

Gocek has a lovely backdrop of craggy hillsides and fresh pine-scented forests. Wander among the countryside and simply soak up the peace and tranquillity. If you decide you want to get in on the action, there are a couple of beach clubs. One of these, D-Marine, even has a beach made from sand imported from the United Arab Emirates. There are plenty of charming waterside restaurants plus a busy market on Sundays, where you can pick up some traditional curios to take home.

With its rugged charm and laidback atmosphere, it is no wonder that Gocek attracts everyone from celebrities to artists. Take a break from the busier towns by mooring here on sailing holidays in Turkey.

Travelling Turkey's islands - Exploring forest tracks

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