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Enjoy the best coffee when you sail in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 16, 2016

Turkish coffee has a well-deserved reputation as amongst the best in the world. Rich, strong and flavoursome, it is a real treat that you will definitely want to try when you sail in Turkey.

Visiting Turkey - Eating and drinking like locals

Turkish coffee refers to the method by which it is made rather than the origin of the beans. The dried beans are ground up very finely but are not filtered out after brewing, resulting in a somewhat more syrupy drink than you may be used to. The layer of grounds at the bottom and the thick foam that tops the drink help to seal in the heat and prevent the coffee going cold too quickly.

Although you may be used to having coffee first thing in the morning, here it is more usually enjoyed at a leisurely pace after a meal. The drinks are smaller than you might expect – more like an Italian espresso than a full-size cup – but are designed to be sipped slowly rather than downed quickly.

When ordering your Turkish coffee, you will be asked how sweet you would like it. This is because the finely ground beans, water and sugar are all simmered together. Once the drink has been poured into a cup, mixing in additional sugar will stir up the grounds and make the drink too gritty. For the same reason, the last few mouthfuls of the cup are not designed to be drunk – this is where the grounds have settled. Although it is tempting to balance the strength of the coffee by opting for more sugar than usual, the coffee is not supposed to be particularly sweet and is often presented with sugary Turkish delight anyway.

Turkish coffee is usually served alongside a glass of water. This is not to rinse away the grounds afterwards, as you would also wash away the delicious flavour; instead, it is to cleanse your palate before you indulge so that your Turkish coffee experience will be even more enjoyable.

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