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Essential Activities for a Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 12, 2014

A sailing holiday is a wonderful and unique way to enjoy the ocean. It is also a great way to experience many different parts of a country’s coast while travelling in comfort and style. Sailing is, in itself, an enjoyable and rewarding activity but it also gives you the chance to take part in other activities. While each destination offers its own unique set of activities, there are a few things you should definitely consider trying – no matter where you spend your holiday.

Paddleboarding is, in a way, like sailing stripped down to its bare essentials. It is something you shouldn’t miss and lets you get right down close to the waves as you glide across the surface of the sea under your own paddle power. In places with particularly clear water, you can look down to spot colourful fish and other fascinating things. In short, paddleboarding is a relaxing, enjoyable and interesting way to spend your time.

With the wonders of the sea and the beauty of a beach close at hand, it is tempting to only head onto land for a quick wander around each destination and spend most of your time hugging the coastline. While this is very understandable and the sea is consistently inviting, it is definitely worth taking some time to properly explore each town or site of natural beauty you come to. Even towns just a few miles apart can be totally different.




There is a whole landscape under the sea, and this landscape is alien yet extraordinarily beautiful. It is often colourful and always interesting. Without the extensive equipment and training that goes into scuba diving, the best way to explore and experience this landscape for yourself is snorkelling. It allows you to swim across the surface of the water looking down on the wonders beneath, like a bird in the sky admiring the ground below.

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