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Essential Activities While Sailing Croatia’s Coast

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 20, 2014

When it comes to sailing Croatia  is one of the best and most rewarding destinations you could choose for a holiday. There are a number of fantastic activities to enjoy while sailing around the country. The full list is almost endless, but a few Croatian holiday activities really stand out as unmissable.

Visit the Villages
Many people who visit Croatia head straight for the big cities, especially the country’s capital of Zagreb. While sailing around the Croatian coast, you will get the chance to see a very different side to the country. Little coastal villages are charming, pleasant, and a world away from the bustling metropolitan cities that most tourists see.

Explore the Coast
Villages aren’t the only thing worth exploring on the Croatian coast. The coastline of Croatia is full of not only beautiful beaches but rocky coves, secluded bays and a lot more besides. Heading ashore to explore some of the more interesting parts of the coastline that many tourists miss can prove a hugely rewarding experience, with unique scenery and plenty of interesting places to hike or swim.

Just Relax
A sailing holiday can be a very relaxing break. While there is plenty of exploring to do on the Croatian coastline, don’t lose track of that possibility altogether. Make sure you leave some time to just relax and enjoy your surroundings. Lying back on the beach and unwinding on the deck of the boat as the waters glisten around you are both things you should leave time to enjoy.

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