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Essential Things to do While Sailing Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 24, 2014

Whether you’re an experienced boating pro or have just always wanted to try sailing Turkey  is a fantastic place to go. There are a number of wonderful and exciting activities on offer for those who choose to experience the country by water, and some of them are really unmissable.

Have an Ocean Adventure
Sailing isn’t the only way to experience the sea around the Turkish coast. For adventurous tourists, there are many other options on offer. You might wish to go snorkelling – especially if it’s in the famous and beautiful Blue Cave. Alternatively you could go paddleboarding, take a simple but extremely bracing swim in the aptly named Cold Water Bay, or simply stay on deck with your camera at the ready looking out for dolphins and turtles.

Visit the Ghost Town
Kayakoy is a ghost town that has been abandoned since 1927. It now stands empty, desolate and eerie – yet utterly fascinating. Wander the silent streets and see what happens to buildings when they are left unattended. In some ways, the village is a time capsule, showing a faded image of what life was like here in the ’20s. In other ways, it is a sobering illustration of how buildings crumble and nature takes hold again when humans aren’t there to keep things in check.

Experience the Culture
There are many fascinating aspects of Turkish culture that you will be able to readily experience. For example, you can sample some traditional, delicious Turkish cuisine. Alternatively, you can book a traditional “hammam” Turkish bath. On the other hand, you may prefer to embrace the more modern side of the country by enjoying the thriving nightlife scene.

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