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Experience the Dubrovnik Summer Festival with sailing holidays in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 07, 2016

Croatia is a cultural melting pot, with musical, culinary and folklore influences from a number of diverse sources. Sailing holidays in Croatia present a fabulous opportunity to experience some of these, with few events being more well known that the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

Experience Croatia - Cultural delights

This fabulous event runs for several weeks during July and August and really does offer something for everyone. Classical music lovers are spoilt for choice with bravura performances of some of the world’s best known works; however, there is also plenty to delight other audiences. Last year American pianist Andrew Tyson entertained the crowds with some Gershwin, while Grammy award-winning jazz and gospel performer Gregory Porter brought his own unique style to the Revelin Fort Terrace.

There are plenty of displays for those interested in seeing some of Croatia’s traditional dancing, and don’t miss the opportunity to attend a klapa performance − a type of unaccompanied Dalmatian singing.

Events take place in a variety of locations around the city, including the Festival Palace, Rector’s Palace Atrium and various outdoor venues.

The motto of Dubrovnik is ‘Walls of Stone, Heart of Art’, with few events demonstrating just how true this is better than the wonderful annual arts festival. Those taking sailing holidays in Croatia will definitely not want to miss this highlight of the cultural calendar.

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