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The Only Way To Explore Montenegro In 2020 

By Louise Burton
on  September 23, 2019

The hidden gem of the Balkans, Montenegro is a small country tucked away between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Despite having such a lot of borders, Montenegro also boasts 294km of coastline. And while the mountainous terrain of its landmass is becoming an increasingly popular destination on many travellers’ European bucket list, its beautiful coastline is still under the radar for most. 

Until now, if you didn’t have a boat, chances are you weren’t going to experience a Montenegro sailing holiday. Which is why we raised the mainsail, and set out to find the best places in Montenegro that you must visit by sea, then created a trip especially so we can show those most curious the best sailing experience in Montenegro. Think crystal clear waters, off the beaten track ocean adventures, dramatic scenery and cuisine bursting with flavour. If that’s not enough to tickle your adventure tastebuds, read on and discover 7 reasons why Montenegro is best seen by sea.

1. Under the radar

Less busy than bordering country Croatia, you’ll have the chance to really get off the beaten track. While a sailing holiday in Croatia does still offer the peace and quiet of nature in parts, Montenegro will deliver fully. Because there just aren’t as many tourists travelling there. Perhaps somewhat overshadowed by Croatia, Montenegro offers a chance to delight in secluded snorkelling spots and a peaceful experience at places of historic and natural interest. Not only that, but with most tourists taking to land travel, seldom will visitors to the country experience the hidden treasures of Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline.

2. 294km of coastline 

It might be a small country (13,812 square kilometers to be exact) but it’s still got a huge coastline in relation. How can some of its most unique destinations not be tucked away where the ocean kisses the land? For the sheer fact that the country boasts so much coastline, it leaves a wealth of opportunity to explore various different settings. From small fishing villages to medieval architecture and the best snorkeling in Montenegro, you’re sure to find yourself in a unique setting as you travel Montenegro by boat.

3. Crystal clear waters

Sailing the Mediterranean conjures up images of diving into crystal clear waters, mooring in turquoise waters of secluded bays… and Montenegro is sure to deliver. There’s no disappointment here if you’re looking for a serious dose of Vitamin Sea. Montenegro’s coastline offers ample opportunity to drop anchor and set out on paddleboarding snorkeling opportunities aplenty. Plus, Budva is home to some of the Mediterannean’s most beautiful beaches, trust us!

4. Historic architecture

The Bay of Kotor resembles a fjord and is dotted with churches and fortified towns such as Kotor and Herceg Novi which sit proud in their coastal setting. The unique opportunity to see these historic fortresses that guard the entrance to the Bay of Kotor is a special experience while sailing Montenegro. And that’s not all! If you love historic architecture, there’s UNESCO sites to be explored in Kotor and even a small coastal town (Budva Old Town) which resembles that of the old city of Dubrovnik. 

5. The Black mountain 

Let’s not forget the scenery… because sailing Montenegro is a truly unique experience compared to how most tourists’ experience when travelling the country by land, and the views are a huge part of taking in all that a new country and its expirations have to offer. Along with the activities to do as you take your newly-appointed sea legs and explore the most stunning coastal regions by foot via access from the mooring at the local marina. 

6. Montenegrin cuisine

Feasting on traditional food is surely one of the most enjoyable parts of any adventure to a new country? And Montenegro is a offers a melting pot of influences from nearby countries. Simply cooked, grilled seafood with generous amounts of olive oil, parsley and garlic is always on the menu. Taste Italian influence as you hit the coast where you can tuck into your evening meal in one of the many restaurants beside the beach, making dinner a time of quiet and relaxation. Before treating yourself to the sweet flavours of Baklava from Turkey for desert (or daytime snacks, we don’t judge). 

Local seafood in Montenegro

7. Mellow out

Lastly, but most important of all… a Montenegro Sailing Holiday wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity of ultimate relaxation. With its peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, this country is the perfect place to unwind. And be sure to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets on the whole Montenegro coast in Ribarsko.

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