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Facts about Greece Sailing that Holidaymakers Should Know

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 03, 2014

With its paradise-like coastlines, huge number of historical attractions and a separate unique character for each of its islands, Greece is a wonderful place for a sailing holiday. However, there are a number of facts about Greece that you might not know and should become familiar with. Some of these facts directly relate to sailing, and others are simply interesting to know and can enhance your enjoyment when seen first-hand by visiting Greece sailing.


Many Mountains
When people think of Greek geography, they tend to think of the wonderful beaches of the country or the fact that it has many islands. Often the country’s mountainous terrain is unappreciated. Around 80% (or four fifths) of the country is filled with mountains, and these form spectacular backdrops for many of its most memorable locations. Of course, the most famous peak is Mount Olympus, the country’s tallest and the mythical home of the twelve most important gods.


The Famous Coast
Greece’s coast is much better-known, with many tourists flocking to experience the incredible beaches on offer. In recent years, Greece has seen annual tourist numbers of around 20 million, and many of these are coming for the coast. It is little wonder that the Greek coast is so popular. The country has the 11th longest coastline in the world, and the longest to benefit from the sunbaked Mediterranean basin. There is plenty of coast to go around, and plenty of variety which is best appreciated by sailing around multiple locations.

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