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Five Facts About Antigua

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  September 19, 2017

As one of two picturesque islands making up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, the region is famous for its brightly coloured coral reefs, impressive array of white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. Here are a few more facts about this very special part of the world.

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Antigua Has a VERY Accurate Nickname

Lovingly referred to as “The Land of 365 Beaches”, we really weren’t exaggerating when we said there are some seriously impressive stretches of coastline here. Whether you plan to soak in the sunshine with a chilled fruity drink in hand or try your hand at some beach sports, there’s a stretch of sand with your name on it!

Experience the Island’s Perfect Climate on Your Sailing Getaway

As the sunniest island in the Eastern Caribbean, temperatures average 28°C in the summer and only dip to an around 25°C in the winter. The northeast winds also keep the humidity down, resulting in a blissfully balmy climate.

Antigua Has Something for Everybody

With museums to take you through the islands’ rich history, the plethora of incredibly beautiful natural landscapes, the opportunity to browse local boutiques and much more besides, this small but perfectly formed island really does have something for everyone.

Cricket is the National Sport…

…but, as a nation of sport lovers, football, surfing, and fishing are also hugely popular. There are also plenty of other activities to get involved with on your sailing getaway, including zip lining your way through a rainforest, which is an incredible experience you’ll never forget.

The Highest Peak is Named After the 44th President of the United States

The Highest point of Antigua’s Shekerley Mountains was known as Boggy Peak until 2009, when it was renamed Mount Obama. It’s a relatively easy climb to the top, some locals even refer to it as more of a stroll than a climb, but it is very steep. Some choose to drive up, with this option requiring a 4×4 vehicle and a bit of confidence, but regardless of how you get there, the views from the top are stunning!

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