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Five Must-Try Authentic Italian Dishes

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 05, 2017

Setting aside the classic Margherita pizza for a second (although we 100% recommend sampling at least one slice on your sailing trip), here are 5 foods that we think show off Italy’s culinary prowess perfectly.

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Classic Carbonara

You’ll be greeted with an array of pasta dishes on every menu and every single one is almost guaranteed to be delicious, but we believe that a carbonara prepared by a chef who has been perfecting their recipe for years is almost impossible to beat. A truly great carbonara will use just 5 ingredients; pasta, guanciale, eggs, pecorino cheese and a touch of cracked black pepper, but those ingredients should be so fresh and perfectly cooked that the flavours will please your palette in unexpected ways.

Tremendous Truffles

There are so many ways to enjoy truffles, and the key is to choose a dish that you really love to be able to appreciate how truffles enhance flavours and transform a plate into something truly special. If you’re not sure where to start, you can’t go wrong with a sprinkling of truffle on a risotto, freshly cooked pasta or a piping hot omelette.

Taste Some Terrific Tiramisu on Your Sailing Holiday

It’s certainly no secret that Italians do desserts incredibly well, but the humble tiramisu is arguably the most loved of all. Yes, tiramisu is made from a combination of simple ingredients, but it allows high quality Italian coffee and mascarpone cream to truly shine.

Brilliant Bruschetta

Another deceptively simple dish, a great bruschetta will be one of the most memorable things you will ever eat! It’s the beautiful Italian olive oil, sweet tomatoes and fresh olives that elevates this dish above so many others, and whether you’re looking for a lunchtime snack or an appetizer before you tuck into your main course at dinner, bruschetta won’t let you down.

Marvelous Mushroom Risotto

Fresh porcini mushrooms add a depth and richness to slowly cooked risotto and so as soon as you spot this on a menu, we highly recommend ordering it for a wonderfully memorable authentic Italian dining experience.

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