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Five Reasons Why Your Italian Island Sailing Getaway Will Be Unforgettable

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  September 09, 2017

The Italian islands are home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, with volcanic terrain, blankets of vineyards and orange groves, and miles of rugged coastline to soak in and explore during your sailing getaway of a lifetime.

Break away from it all on an Italian sailing getaway - Visit beaches and check out the rugged coastline

Lounge on Volcanic Beaches

The island of Vulcano is as famous for its smoking fumaroles and mud baths as it is for its black sandy beaches, which beautifully juxtapose the beautiful blue tones of the waters beyond. With endless ocean views ahead and the rugged volcanic landscape behind, spending an afternoon beachside is a supremely tranquil and unforgettably beautiful experience.

Enjoy Peace and Tranquillity on Your Sailing Getaway

Isola Filicudi offers a little slice of unspoiled paradise to every one of its visitors. Famous for its natural beauty, the island is home to a variety of footpaths which lead to some of the most spectacular panoramic vantage points you’ll ever encounter.

Explore Fragrant Orange Groves and Expansive Vineyards

Salina’s lush landscape is spectacularly filled with fruit trees and vineyards. Hire a scooter to explore every inch of the island, before taking a tour around one of the vineyards and, of course, sampling some of the flavourful local produce!

Hike Europe’s Most Active Volcano

At the top you can, quite literally, feel Stromboli’s volcano gently rumbling beneath your feet. Standing atop this high peak just before sundown provides a perfect view of some of Europe’s most beautiful sunsets, and if vibrant red, orange and pink hues painted across the sky wasn’t enough, you’ll even get to a bit of a lava show too!

The Sparkling Turquoise Waters

As well as secluded coves and gently bubbling sea springs, Italy’s waters are also so clear they are ideal for snorkelling and exploring life beneath the waves. Take to your paddle board to secure some spectacular views of the islands, and enjoy the gentle sound of the softly lapping waves upon some of the miles of picturesque beaches as you relax with a cocktail and forget about the outside world for a little while.

Trips to Italy with a difference - Book a sailing tour and see islands from a new perspective

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