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Fun and Interesting Sightseeing Facts While Sailing Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 19, 2014

There are many wonderful sights to see while sailing around the coast and islands of Croatia. However, some of these are particularly interesting, unusual and, in many ways, unexpected. Some things you may not have realised you will have the chance to see while on your Croatian sailing holiday include:


The City of King’s Landing
While sailing Croatia’s coast, you will get the chance to see the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing. Well, at least you can get as close to seeing the city as you can considering it’s entirely fictional. The popular TV show Game of Thrones, adapted from a similarly popular series of novels, uses the Croatian city of Dubrovnik as the filming location for the great fantasy capital. With spectacular historic architecture, a unique character, and a reputation as one of the world’s most extraordinary cities, it is not hard to see why Dubrovnik had that honour. If you’ve ever watched the show, the city will probably feel very familiar indeed.

The Most Beautiful Sunset in the World
According to Alfred Hitchcock, Croatia is home to the most beautiful sunset to be seen anywhere on Earth. Of course, beauty is very subjective and Alfred Hitchcock has never been officially recognised as an authority on sunsets, but as one of history’s most prominent filmmakers he certainly had an eye for that sort of thing. In the course of his long blockbuster filmmaking career, he probably also saw a lot of different sunsets to compare it with as well. While the idea that it’s the single most beautiful sunset on Earth is a matter of opinion, you can probably take it as read that the sunset in Croatia will be pretty spectacular.

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