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Going on holiday? Go to Greece sailing

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 06, 2014

Greek gods and goddesses. Kebabs. Ouzo. The Palace of Knossos. Let’s face it, the Greek civilisation has brought us some amazing and diverse things over the years (and this is just scraping the surface).
And this beautiful Mediterranean country has brought us something else. Wonderful holidays. Most people who go to Greece return time after time, enchanted by the laid-back way of life, the delicious food, the sunny climate and the friendly locals.

One of the best ways to travel is to go to Greece sailing. It boasts a myriad of islands, some big like Rhodes and Crete, others tiny like Symi. But they all offer the same unique Greek appeal, with a blend of ancient architecture and contemporary culture.

So it’s up to you where you choose to visit. Take in the fortress at Rhodes Town, or visit Crete with its magnificent sites of legend. Explore the sunny beaches at Zakynthos, or take in the fishing island of Kefalonia, made famous by Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

The beauty of a sailing holiday is that you can have lots of little holidays all wrapped up in one, so you can mix it up, try it all and enjoy every wonderful, sunny moment.


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