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Get on board… it’s time to go sailing Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 21, 2014

Holiday times are here, which means it’s time to dispense with the nine to five, ditch the routine, cast off the humdrum and get ready for some fun! There’s nothing nicer than knowing you have a week or two away from everyday life, recharging your batteries and doing whatever you please. And if you’re looking for something new to do with your free time, then one of the best and most fun kinds of holiday is a sailing trip.


If you’re going sailing Croatia is one of the most beautiful places to do it. Not everyone’s natural first choice of holiday in Europe, it has some stunning places to visit, amazing architecture and gorgeous beaches. It also has eight national parks, which you can visit as you leisurely travel around the coastline. You can also enjoy a host of watersports including canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving, exploring the marine life under the crystal clear waters.


And that’s by day. By night you want adventure, fun, life and laughter and you’ll find it all and more as you travel around Croatia. Big towns, little villages and everything in between, you’ ll be given a warm welcome at the many bars, restaurants, clubs and nightspots you discover along the way.

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