Hidden Gems

Get ready …… it’s time to go sailing in Greece!

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 25, 2014

Most people who holiday in Greece go back time and time again. There are so many islands to explore that it never feels like the same holiday, but there are some things you can pretty much guarantee. These include a friendly welcome from laid-back locals, delicious food, flowing drinks and a Mediterranean climate.


Greece also offers an enticing blend of things to see and do combined with places to sit back and relax. And one of the best ways to see everything this beautiful country has to offer is to go sailing in Greece. This means you can float lazily around on the Mediterranean Sea, stopping at the various islands along the way and enjoying a host of different activities on each.


Some offer history, such as Crete, while others such as Rhodes offer towns. There are also spots such as Kefalonia for those who prefer a quieter holiday. The beauty of island hopping is that you can enjoy it all, taking in some of the world’s most famous sights during the day and dining on kleftiko and dolmades by night (all washed down with some local Greek wine or a glass or two of ouzo).
Seeing Greece is wonderful… and you can see even more on a sailing holiday.

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