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Get together for a Greece Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 24, 2014

Charter Yachts In Greece - Yacht Getaways

Where to go on holiday this year? If you usually go away with a group of friends, then the conversations can often be long and unsatisfactory, with everyone wanting something different. But if you’re looking for an adventure that you can all enjoy, then a sailing holiday fits the bill for most people’s idea of fun and relaxation rolled into one. In terms of where to go, Greece sailing is a fabulous way to enjoy the laid-back pace of life and Mediterranean sun.

Never been on a sailing holiday before? Never fear. You don’t have to suddenly turn into expert yachtsmen and women, negotiating your way through the waters. You can hire a boat with a skipper to do all the hard work for you, including the sailing and navigating. They are generally local, too, so they have a great knowledge of all the tucked-away places and hidden hideouts you can visit.

Yachts In Greece - Sailing With Friends

If your first thought at the mention of a sailing holiday is ‘that’s too expensive’ then think again. The beauty of getting together with friends is splitting the cost, and a sailing holiday divided amongst a few people is usually no more than the cost of a hotel. Plus, you get the benefit of time to yourselves, away from the crowds, to relax and socialise on board.

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