Hidden Gems

Go Greece sailing for the holiday of a lifetime

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 19, 2014

When people make their first visit to Greece it usually isn’t their last. So many people fall in love with the country with its traditional charm, laid back locals, delicious food and sunny climate. Steeped in lore and legend, it has a wealth of amazing places to visit, stunning scenery and beautiful architecture, along with some gorgeous beaches for sunbathing and relaxation. Seeing Greece sailing around its many islands is one of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday and see even more of this lovely country. It really is sheer heaven sailing on the clear blue waters in the sunshine, admiring the views and letting your cares slip away.


A sailing holiday gives you the chance to really mix things up. Some of the bigger islands, such as Rhodes and Crete, offer contemporary culture and shopping alongside the more traditional villages. Others, such as tiny Symi, allow you to experience Greek life in its purest form. If you fancy some nightlife, however, you’ll find plenty on Zakynthos, while Kefalonia is a quiet little fishing island. The Greek islands are beautiful places to visit and stay, with an array of tavernas and bars offering you a traditional warm Greek welcome. Visiting Greece is fantastic – sailing Greece is even better.

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