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Look Out For These 3 Gorgeous Antiguan Birds On Your Caribbean Yacht Getaway

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  June 10, 2018

Home to a wide variety of breathtakingly beautiful wild and marine life, the islands of Antigua and Barbuda are quite simply a dream come true for every nature lover. Here are just a small handful of the stunning species of birds you might have the opportunity to observe on your Caribbean sailing getaway.

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Listen for the Beautifully Sweet Voice of the Barbuda Warbler

Closely related to both the St. Lucia Warbler and the Adelaide’s Warbler from Puerto Rico, the Barbuda Warbler inhabits a range of different habitats around the island. These small yellow-breasted birds are incredibly active but sometimes difficult to spot as they’re usually seen individually.

Favouring woodland near ponds and pools, scrub forests, and windswept vegetation on the coast, you will likely hear the warbler’s sweet singing voice alongside the gently lapping waves on Barbuda’s sandy shore.

The West Indian Whistling-Duck

Whistling-Ducks are the Americas’ rarest ducks and, arguably, the most graceful. Often found in a range of salt and fresh water bodies, Whistling-Ducks particularly enjoy coastal mangroves and lagoons. Mostly sedentary, secretive and nocturnal, their nests have been discovered in dense vegetation, tree cavities, and on branches.

With rich brown backs and wings, and a black speckled underbelly, these elegant birds are often well-camouflaged, but they are habitually spotted perching in trees. When in flight and while foraging, they produce distinctive five-syllable whistles and high-pitched, sharp ‘peep’ sounds that are impossible to miss.

Look Out for Antigua’s Brown Booby on your Sailing Getaway

Nesting on Antigua’s offshore islands, the Brown Booby is just one of the magnificent seabirds to look out for during your time in the Caribbean. These large dark brown or black birds have pale faces and strong, sometimes jagged, bills that are off-white in colour. Although they are typically silent birds, some bird watchers have heard them to make occasional grunting or deep quacking noises.

Feeding on squid and fish in shallow waters, the Brown Booby often puts on quite a performance when plunging into the ocean to seize its prey.

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