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Greece Sailing Holidays: Essential Dining Experiences

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 26, 2014

Greece is famous for many things; from the glories of its ancient history to the splendour of the Mediterranean coast. All of these things go into making Greek sailing holidays such special and memorable experiences. However, while Greece is certainly famous for its food, many people don’t appreciate the variety of dining experiences on offer. Of the many ways to see Greece sailing holidays are among the best for experiencing the full range of dining options, because a sailing holiday will take you to multiple different spots.

A Cafe in Athens
Athens, Greece’s wonderful capital, is well-known as a hot-spot for charming cafes. Grabbing a light lunch and a cup of tea or coffee in the heart of Athens will be a charming, relaxed experience that will also be good for your taste buds. More than that, it will be a wonderful chance to enjoy some people-watching as the bustling crowds hurry past your calm little table.

Fresh Seafood
One of the advantages of a sailing holiday is that you stick to coastal destinations, and something that coastal towns across the world have in common is an abundance of fresh seafood. There are many delicious dishes that can be prepared by combining the bounty of the Mediterranean with traditional Greek cooking methods, and you will seriously miss out if you don’t take the chance to try a meal that has been made with freshly-caught ingredients. Dining on fresh seafood in a traditional Greek tavern is a particularly wonderful experience.

Drinks in the Evening
Not technically a dining experience, but Greece is home to a wide array of bars. From music clubs to sophisticated cocktail bars, there are many experiences on offer. Enjoying a quiet drink in any of these surroundings, just before the lively nightlife of Greece hits its full swing, is a great way to start the evening.

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