Hidden Gems

Holidaying Turkey… loving Turkey… sailing Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 25, 2014

Everyone loves Turkey and many people who holiday there decide to return time and time again, for very different reasons. Some love exploring the ancient legendary sites to be found there. Some love the glorious golden beaches, blue sea and sunny climate. Others love the nightlife, the eating, drinking and dancing till dawn.


But why choose? What if you could enjoy all of these rolled into one holiday? Visiting places all along the coast of Turkey, mixing adventure with relaxation and sightseeing? That’s where a sailing Turkey holiday gives you the very best of all worlds. Travel along Turkey’s famous Turquoise Coast, a glittering journey around this ancient land. Discover where St Nicholas was born and buried (yes, that’s Santa) and explore the plethora of wonderful sites and cities the country has to offer.


When you have had enough culture you can just relax on the beautiful beaches you’ll find dotted all along the coast, or simply soak up the sun on board your boat. Take a dip in the sea, go snorkelling, try scuba diving… it’s all there to be discovered.

As you travel along the coast you can stop at the restaurants, bars and clubs that Turkish nightlife is so famous for, heading back to your boat at the end of the night before another day in another place…

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