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Lesser-Known Reasons to Hire a Yacht in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 23, 2015

Turkey is a popular holiday destination thanks to its beautiful coast, range of attractions and fascinating culture. Many people decide that the best way to see the country is to hire a yacht, and the main reasons for this are obvious. A yacht allows you to tour a number of Turkey’s best destinations in comfort and have the fascinating experience of sailing. However, there are a few smaller and lesser-known advantages to a sailing holiday in Turkey.

Quiet, Secluded Bays
Turkey’s coastline is one of its most famous assets, but many of the most popular beaches do tend to suffer slightly from overcrowding. However, there are some equally wonderful spots that don’t tend to get crowded at all, particularly in the quieter bays. These might be difficult to reach from land compared to the others or simply be too far from the main attractions. Sailing all along the coastline, however, gives you much easier access to these wonderful spots.

The beautiful scenery of Turkey is another of the country’s proudest features. However, many people don’t realise that much of the Turkish landscape is best admired by sailing along the coast. Just as you can’t fully appreciate the proverbial wood if you get too close to the individual trees, so the land of Turkey often looks its best when you can view the bigger picture. The best way to do this is to see it from the water. Of course, admiring the scenery is only half the fun, and the other half comes from exploring it. Fortunately, you will have plenty of opportunities to head ashore and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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