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Looking For A Reason To Visit The Italian Islands? We’ve Got 8

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 08, 2018

If you’re already keen to escape on an Italian yacht getaway, allow us to tempt you just a little bit more.

A sailing getaway in sunny Italy - Island sights and blue seas

1) Bask in Beautiful Unspoilt Natural Surroundings

From the remote tranquillity of Isola Filicudi to the secluded coves of Stromboli and the verdant vineyards of Salina, the Italian islands are home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.

2) Stroll Through Charming Villages Bustling Ports

With so many beautiful boutiques, family-owned taverns, celebrated restaurants, and secluded churches to discover, never being quite sure of what awaits you at the next turn is gloriously exciting.

3) Savour the Warm and Welcoming Ambience that Makes the Italian Islands so Special

Lipari’s bustling ambience is effortlessly uplifting and enriching, allow Panarea’s luxurious character to sweep you off your feet, and sip sweet Malvasia ocean-side with engaging company as the sun sets in spectacular Salina.

4) Explore Vulcano’s Unique Lunar Landscape

Famous for its smoking fumaroles, sulphur rich mud baths, and beautiful black volcanic sandy beaches, Vulcano is an island like no other.

5) Snorkel and Dive in Crystal Clear Shimmering Turquoise Waters

Spend time beneath the waves and explore colourful reefs alongside an array of charming marine life.

6) Discover the Secrets of Salina on your Italian Yacht Getaway

Gloriously green and peppered with wildflower meadows and vineyards, winding your way through Salina’s lush landscape is an unbridled treat for all the senses.

7) Soak in a Series of Stunning Italian Sunsets

Watching the Mediterranean sky slowly change from bright blue to vibrant orange, pink and red is one of life’s simplest and purest joys. Sit with a refreshing cocktail on the beach, or select a seat in a harbourside restaurant and marvel at this natural wonder as you enjoy a delicious dinner.

8) Feel the Ground Softly Rumble Beneath your Feet atop Europe’s Most Active Volcano

Put on your hiking boots and join a guided tour to the tip of Stromboli’s vast volcanic crater. Soak in incredible views across the island and the ocean beyond, and marvel at the spectacular lava show as dusk falls.

Walk on Italy's volcanic landscapes - See something amazing on a sailing getaway

Convinced now? We don’t blame you. Book your Yacht Getaways Italy holiday today!

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