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Making the Most of the Ocean on Your Croatia Sailing Holiday

By Jenny Wilson
on  November 24, 2014

Croatia is a wonderful place to visit on holiday, particularly around the coast. A large number of islands, spectacular scenery and warm Mediterranean waters make it one of the best destinations around. Choosing to visit for a Croatia sailing holiday  is a good start, especially if you choose to take part in a yacht regatta, but there are other activities that will help you ensure no aspect of the ocean is missed.

Swim a Lot
Swimming is hardly the most novel way to make use of the ocean. In fact, it is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to enjoy the sea. Despite this, swimming off the coast of Croatia is a truly wonderful experience and not to be underestimated. You will really miss it when you get home, so make sure you take regular dips while you have the opportunity.

Admire the Wildlife
Some truly beautiful wildlife can be found in the ocean. Keep an eye out for fish darting around close to the surface and take the opportunity to watch dolphins swim and play alongside your boat.

Eat Some Seafood
The sea around Croatia is the source of some truly delicious seafood, and this is served fresh and expertly prepared on the coast on the mainland and on many of the islands. Eating ocean wildlife may seem a little heartless when you have just been admiring it over the bows of the boat, but the cuisine on offer can be truly exceptional.

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