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Mediterranean Majesty With Turkey Sailing

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  January 29, 2017

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture, with civilisations such as the Byzantines and Ottomans leaving a fascinating legacy reflected in much of the country’s remarkable architecture. Turkey sailing trips along the Turquoise Coast are an ideal opportunity to take in the many spectacular sights, from breathtakingly ornate mosques to majestic tombs constructed by the ancient Lycians.

Turkey sailing trip advice - Sights to see and things to do

Two and a half thousand years ago, Turkey flourished under the Lycians; surprisingly, much of their building work can still be seen today. Letoon and Xanthos are the two largest archaeological sites popular with tourists, each offering a fascinating insight into this ancient culture.

There are plenty of other places where their influence can be seen. The most famous hallmark of the Lycians was their habit of creating rock-cut tombs in which to lay their dead. These were carved directly into the cliffs overlooking the sea all along the coast and into the sides of mountains further inland. Fethiye, Tlos and Tomb Bay are all great places to see some fantastic examples of these.

Fethiye is also the place to see some of the most interesting buildings along the Turquoise Coast. This bustling port town grew up out of a collection of villages clustered together on the marshland. An earthquake in 1957 sadly destroyed many of the older structures; however, some have been rebuilt and other remains preserved, meaning you can get a real flavour of Turkey’s iconic architecture. Head to Paspatur, also known as the Walking Streets, to see the Old Mosque. Fethiye also has several hamams, or Turkish baths, housed in stunning buildings.

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