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Moor in the famous 22 Fathom Cove with sailing holidays in Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 26, 2016

22 Fathom Cove, sometimes knowns as 22 Fathom Bay, is one of the most popular spots to moor while on sailing holidays in Turkey. The tranquil setting and great location make it a firm favourite with both experienced sailors and those new to this type of travel.

Sailing holidays in Turkey - Stopping points

Found in the beautiful Skopea Limani area of the Turquoise Coast, 22 Fathom Cove gets its name from its extremely deep anchorage. The naturally-formed bay is surrounded by craggy hillsides, with a hike to the top offering great views across the spectacularly deep, dark blue waters.

As you enter the cove, you will find Seagull Cove to your left; it is easy to spot thanks to the giant white bird adorning the craggy hillside of the bay. To the right are red mooring buoys where you can tie up. You might also be lucky enough to find the floating restaurant boat that frequents this bay.

While 22 Fathom Cove offers great access to a number of nearby sites of interest and is located in a prime spot for sea traffic, much of the real charm lies in its lack of tourist development. If you want to get away from the hurly-burly of civilisation and simply enjoy unspoilt Turkey at its best, this is the place to do it.

Unforgettable Turkish sailing tours - Cove swimming

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