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Must-See Sights as you Sail Turkey’s Coast

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 16, 2015

One of the best things you can do on your holiday is sail Turkey‘s coast, because the country has a number of must-see sights spread out along the coastline. Sailing allows you to comfortably and enjoyably take in the full range of delights on offer. Some of the real must-sees in Turkey include:

The Coast Itself
The sheer beauty of the Turkish coast is breathtaking. Extraordinary natural scenery from golden beaches to rugged cliffs and vibrant living greenery can all be seen. Dotted along its length are big towns and picturesque villages. The best way to appreciate a coastline is definitely to look at it from the sea, and this makes for one big and truly beautiful sight you will never get tired of looking at throughout your holiday.

Tomb Bay
Tomb bay is home to a number of fascinating ancient Lycian tombs. Cut into the rocks of the cliffs, these tombs are impressive feats of workmanship as well as wonderful sights to see and they are steeped in history. They were carved long ago by expert hands from the ancient town of Crya, which once stood atop the cliffs. Dotted among the tombs are delightful freshwater springs.

Karacaoren is a lovely little island a little way off the Lycian coast. It is the perfect place to stop on your holiday, and it is hard to imagine any place on Earth closer to paradise. Although it is small, the island has a lot to offer. It is surrounded by calm, clean waters warmed by golden sunshine and exploring the island will reveal beautiful plants and fascinating historic ruins.

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