Hidden Gems

Natural Sights and Wonders When You Sail Turkey

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 13, 2015

There are many incredible man-made sights and wonders to see in Turkey, including historic buildings from every era, both intact and ruined. However, there are some natural parts of the Turkish landscape that are just as wonderful as anything mankind has added.

The Blue Cave
The Blue Cave is one of Turkey’s most famous natural wonders, and not without good reason, as it is certainly one of the most spectacular sites you are ever likely to see. The crystal-clear waters in this ancient natural cavern reflect blue on the sparkling walls to fill the whole scene with a magical tinted light. The beauty of the Blue Cave just cannot be put into words.

Cold Water Bay
Cold Water Bay, though a truly beautiful place to be, is more of an experience than a sight to see. Nonetheless, it is one of the most wondrous pieces of nature in all Turkey. If you dare, plunge into the clean but cool waters, which come from icy springs feeding into the bay, for an incredibly refreshing experience. If you aren’t quite brave enough, the bay is still a wonderful setting to spend some time in.

The Hill at Kapi Creek
In the idyllic tree-covered landscape of Kapi Creek, you will find a prominent tall hill. This hill may not look like anything special – at least by the standards of the landscape that surrounds it – but just try climbing to the top. Once you get there, you will be greeted by some of the most remarkable views you are likely to encounter while you sail Turkey, and in fact some of the best views you will find anywhere.

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