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Packing essentials for your yacht rental

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 14, 2016

A sailing holiday makes for a memorable experience unlike any other type of getaway. Such a trip is not your standard everyday package deal; therefore, it stands to reason that your packing will also need to be a little different. Here is a quick rundown of some of the items you might find handy on your trip. Sailing holiday advice - Things to bring

Packing smart

You don’t want to be taking up valuable room on your yacht with bulky suitcases; instead, opt for soft, duffle-style bags that have plenty of space but will squash down when you have hung up all your clothes. Bring a smaller daypack for carrying water, sun cream and other essentials while you are out on excursions. Choosing one with a waist strap and padded shoulder straps will be more comfortable to carry and prevent strain on your back and shoulders. You might also want to consider a wallet belt that you can wear under your clothes to keep your money and passport safe.

Daily essentials

Depending on the ports you are visiting, you will probably be able to stock up on most items; therefore, there is no need to carry too much with you. If you are flying into the port where you will begin your yacht rental, you will need to remember that there are limitations on carrying liquids on aeroplanes. You may not be able to purchase your favourite brands, but items such as shampoo and sun cream are available in towns and ports. Don’t forget to bring any prescribed medicines with you, however, as these may be difficult to acquire abroad.

Key clothing

With any luck, the weather will be perfect during your holiday and you should not need too much in the way of heavy clothing. Non-slip shoes are a good idea to wear around the boat and you will also need comfortable footwear if you intend to do lots of walking. While the days are usually warm around the Turkish coast, there may be a cooler sea breeze in the evening and a cardigan or jumper is a good idea. If you are planning on visiting churches, temples, mosques or other religious buildings, remember to take a shawl or wrap so that you can dress modestly and appropriately.

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